FileMaker and physical NFC tags

From session at the FileMaker Developers Nederland meetup Session connecting the physical world with FileMaker and trigger scripts. Download

Variable record height in list view

From session at the Dotfmp 2019 (Berlin) Session about creating a list view with variable record height. Download will return in the 3rd week of April.

Neighbour record details in amazing popup

From session at the Dotfmp 2019 (Berlin) Part 1 with the address: download. Part 2 with the photo detail: download. Part 3 with the multiline detail: download.

Horizontal positioning of unstored calculated fields in svg space

From session at the Dotfmp 2017 (Berlin). Session about the datepicker with the horizontal positioning done in SVG, instead of unstored calculations with FileMaker fields. Download

Value list with card windows

From session at the FMsummit 2017 (Leiden) Session about the visual rich value list with the new Card window technique. Download